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The GMC community is a far-flung group of people of all ages and backgrounds. With all this diversity there are some things we have in common – we're all admirers and followers of all things TZE. To this end the following links are provided to enhance your online GMCing experience. To the left of this listing you’ll see links to other, important information in this section of the GL web site.

The Black List

Named for the man who first compiled and distributed the list, this is a directory of GMC owners/supporters who are making themselves available for what ever assistance they can offer to other GMCers while traveling on the road. This list is for those who will offer help to others on a 24-hour basis, rain or shine. Sorry, this list isn’t for those in other brands of motorhomes. It's just for fellow GMCers. On the
web site you'll see the various formats the List is available in; Excel, MS Streets and Trips, and Street Atlas USA as well as the BatchGEO locator. Don't leave home without it.

Idiot’s Internet Guide

Gary Bovee, a GMC owner in California, decided to do something to help new owners or "wannabe" owners get information about the GMC MotorHome. During a period of medical recuperation he decided to assemble the
GMC MotorHome Information: Idiot's Internet Guide is a concise, all-in-one reference for finding GMC information on the Internet. Click on the link above to go to the page where a PDF version of The Guide is available for download. And, if you have an Apple iPad you may prefer to get The Guide in iBooks format. Just open iBooks on the iPad and search for "Bovee" once at the iBooks Store.

E.R. Fisher's GMC Info

This web site, managed by GMC owner, Eugene Fisher, is like an online encyclopedia of repair and modification information gleaned from expert postings on GMCnet. Gene is always adding interesting facts, tips, and tidbits about the GMC. For this reason his web site is
GMC Motorhome Info.


GMCnet exists for the purpose of exchanging information and promoting discussion about the TZE-based motorhomes manufactured by General Motors Corporation (GMC) from 1973 to 1978. Discussion about all aspects of the GMC Motorhome and the mutual interests of their owners is encouraged. Listmaster Patrick Flowers brought the forum online in 1997.
GMCnet is an open subscription list. No qualification is required to join, nor is ownership of a GMC motorhome a prerequisite. The only requirement is a genuine interest in GMC motorhomes.

The Registry

Owners of GMC TZE coaches are encouraged to register their ownership of their coach with the
GMC MotorHome Registry. The Registry's web site is the online home where owners may register their names and their coach's serial number. The information, which is of historical significance, is used only by and for owners of these classic vehicles. Submitting this information is totally voluntary on the part of the owner.

GMC MH Photos

Through the efforts of Billy Massey, members of the GMC community have had their own site for posting photos of their favorite recreational vehicle. At the
GMC Motorhome Photos site you’ll find all kinds of pictures submitted by members. Some are great for "how to" projects and others provide photos of a variety of subjects.

Great Motorhome Content at

Through the efforts of Billy Massey GMCers have a great resource. Billy has put together a significant number of
interesting links related to the GMC in addition to posting a significant volume of documentation related to the GMC. The manuals and brochures are available as PDF (portable document format) files. The factory manuals, themselves a priceless treasure for the GMC owner, are available here. These are also PDF files.