Technical Documentation

6-Wheel Disk Brakes

This series of web pages explains how to convert the brakes on the rear suspension from drum to disk brakes. Note that clicking the link will open in a new web browser. Once at the first screen, click the Next button to continue through the series. The series was developed by a Great Laker.
Read/download 6-wheel Disk Brakes.

Spark Plug Application Guide

Great Lakers' news editor, John Wright, has assembled a handy guide for spark plugs used in the GMC motorhome whether in the 455 or 403 engine or a generator such as the Onan, Generac and other brands.
Read/download Spark Plug Application Guide

Ignition Module Part Numbers

Great Lakers' news editor has done it again. John Wright has assembled another handy guide. This time it is a list of 7-pin ignition modules for computer controlled distributors that most EFI users have.
Read/download Ignition Module Part Numbers

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