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Your ideas and tips are always welcome in the TZE Notes area of this website. Write out that tip or part number and send it to the newsletter editor or E-mail to the publisher’s address. Your little trick you’ve used for years may help out other club member.

Poor Ground

A lot of electrical problems experienced with our coaches are due to the lack of or poor grounds. To be sure your couch has a good ground, run a grounding wire from the chassis battery to the engine block. Another good addition is to run a cable from the positive terminal of the chassis battery directly to the starter using the shortest route. Check the other grounds between the body and chassis and the ground on the transmission to chassis. This may involve cleaning the contact point but will result in improved operation of the 12v electrical system throughout the coach and chassis.

Avoid Fluid Loss on Brakes

With all the brake Tools that are available from several of the GMC suppliers, it seems appropriate to bring up an old trick by Chuck Aulgar. Whenever he worked on his brakes he would remove the master cylinder top and place a layer of a plastic grocery bag over the top. He, then, put the top back on the master cylinder. Whenever he removed a component from the braking system only a few drops of fluid would leak out.

Rebuilding Original Water Pump

For those of that would like to have your 4 1⁄4” solid impeller water pump rebuilt, contact Kellogg Automotive at 1-877-499-2011. They are located just outside of Phoenix in Maricopa, AZ. Or, if preferred, send an email to:

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