Members Only Area of the GMC Great Lakers

From the
Log In page, members may view information specifically for Great Lakers members, read and/or download the financial reports and view/download other information such as a roster of members. Access to the information here is one of the benefits of club membership.

Logging In

To access the club member's area you should follow these instructions.
  1. Click here when ready to be given the opportunity to log in as a member of Great Lakers. Optionally you may select “Log In” on the menu to the upper right.
  2. On the dialogue box that will be presented, you will be given the opportunity of entering the common name and password.
  3. Click the “OK” button to enter the secure pages or the “Cancel” button to halt the operation.
If you are a Great Lakers member in good standing and are not able to access the private pages, please contact The Assistant Webmaster or the Website Administrator regarding the issue and your membership status. The person editing the Great Lakers’ website does not have the authority to determine who may or may not have access. Alternatively, you may contact the Membership Director to determine eligibility.