The Great Lakers typically hold one rally per month from May through October.  Rallies are sometimes conducted when/where there is a festival of some type going on ( for example, the hot air balloon festival in Midland, Michigan and the total solar eclipse in Paducah, Kentucky).  At some rallies, Great Lakers participate in events hosted by other organizations (GLAMA, GMC Motorhomes International).  Some rallies have side trips to nearby sites (tour the Marblehead lighthouse on Lake Erie in northern Ohio, rafting near Muskegon, Michigan).  Some rallies have catered dinners while some have pot-lucks.  Some have tech sessions and some are simply relaxing “do-nothing” get togethers.

Clearly, no two rallies are ever the same, however one thing is consistent.  Every rally gives our members an opportunity to get together with friends who share a common interest in GMCs.

Information  about the rallies planned for 2018 can be found in the 2018 Rally Schedule tab.

A listing of all GMC Great Lakers Rallies since 1976 can be found in the Rally Archive tab.

Rally reports along with photo albums from recent rallies can be found under the “Members Only” tab.