For Sale page Instructions

If a Great Lakers member has a GMC motorhome to sell, we will list it on the “For Sale” page for free.  Type up your advertisement giving as much detail and using as many photos as you want.  The only restrictions are that your ad should either be in Microsoft Word or be a PDF and it must be less than 20 Mb in size.  Include separately a single photo of your vehicle that I will use to link to your detailed information file.   Email both files to and I will get your ad posted as soon as possible.

If you have GMC motorhome parts that you want to sell, they can be listed following a similar process to that used for vehicles.

If you have parts that you would like to buy, you can provide a want ad for that as well.  Perhaps a member has parts that they are not actively trying to sell but when they see that someone is looking to buy just what they’ve got they might strike a deal with you.