The April 2015 newsletter for GMC Great Lakers has been posted to the Newsletters area and is available to download/view on your personal computer or internet device.
GMC Great Lakers group is in the midst of another great season of rallies. As with last year, it is the hope of the officers that the attendance at the remaining rallies will be up in comparison to previous years. Of course, the saying, “The more the merrier,” certainly applies for our rallies.


Tech Docs

The technical documents of the Great Lakers in structured in an easy-to-navigate structure under the GMCing menu provided above. Included are documents covering 6-wheel disk brakes for the GMC, a procedure for getting better fuel mileage, a spark plug application reference guide, and a document covering ignition module part numbers. Members of Great Lakers are welcomed and encouraged to submit technical documents to the digital repository for the benefit of others.

The 1973-74 Maintenance Manual and other documents have been redone and reposted with a different way of displaying and navigating the information. The structure allows users to see an index of the section before actually opening the document. The documents may be accessed via the GMCing menu.

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