History of the GMC motorhome

General Motors sold the iconic GMC motorhome from 1973 -1978, building almost 13,000 over the six year period.  Much has been written about these vehicles over the years.  Below are short, medium and long articles for your reading pleasure.

Here is a concise two page summary of the GMC that folds into a tri-fold brochure:
GMC Tri-Fold Information Sheet

A seven page write-up of the GMC motorhome, written by Jim Rowe for the  FMC magazine in October 2008 can be read  by clicking on this link:

For the most complete history of the GMC motorhome that you are likely to find anywhere, read this series of three articles by Bill Bryant that were published in the FMCA magazine in February, March and April 2004:
History of the GMC_Motorhome

Thanks to the internet, copies of original information from General Motors are still available about these vehicles:
GMC brochure about Eleganza II

GM Price Sheet for 1977 Motorhome

What else could you have bought in 1977 with $35,000?